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Yard Sentinel Dual

All the features you would expect from the best selling ultra-sonic pest repeller “Yard Sentinel”, with the added feature of a dog silencer trainer, do you want to stop your own dog barking or the neighbours. I review this dual feature product and find out if it really works.

Buy now… Or should you?

If you have found my site stopUpest.com and are looking just to buy the Yard Sentinel Dual then I recommend you buy it from Amazon (link here USA, Canada) for their quick delivery, low prices and great service. However SPOILER ALERTDon’t buy it!… Buy the Bark stop pro instead, it’s the same product but it’s cheaper (at time of writing) and has a remote control. But if you are still unsure read the review below.

Features of the dog silencer / trainer

  • Bark recognition technology
  • Adjustable barking sensor
  • Green light barking sensor

Features of the ultrasonic pest repellent

  • Up To 5,000 sq. ft. of coverage range
  • Inaudible High Pressure Ultrasonic Sound Wave
  • Adjustable PIR Infrared Motion Sensor with Night Time Scanner
  • 3 selection technologies: Motion Sensor / Constant / Continue Sweep
  • Red light motion sensor
  • Frequency dial for a specific pest
  • Switchable ultrasonic mode
  • AC or battery-powered
  • Alarm volume dial
  • Sensor sensitivity dial
  • Easy mount with key hole slots
  • Maintenance free
  • Weather proof
  • Works great against Rodents, Sea Rodents, Seagulls, Insects, Rats, Mouse, Birds, Bears, Deer, Dogs, Cats, Raccoon, Ducks, Geese, Squirrels, Skunks, Foxes…

More features of a Yard Sentinel Dual

  • Combines a Dog Silencer with Pest repellant
  • Intruder Alarm
  • 3 Time Selections – All the time, day or night
  • Easy install and offers great pest protection for almost everywhere.
  • Humane, No Toxic Chemicals.
  • 30 day money back if not 100% satisfied & 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Features of the Dual Explained

So much crammed into such a small unobtrusive box! Where to start?

The dog silencer trainer… Stop dogs barking

How it works.

When a dog barks in range of the Yard Sentinel Dual (a customer review said it worked up to 50 ft.) it will emit an inaudible high pressure ultrasonic sound wave that dogs find annoying. They bark and the sentinel blasts them, eventually the dog stops barking. Aspectec the manufactures of Yard Sentinel, estimate that training can take up to 2 weeks, however some buyers who have reviewed this product have had immediate results.

Bark recognition technology

Unsure what this is, the manufacturer aspctek.com gave no information. But I guess this is a sensor that can differentiate between loud noises and a dog barking. This will stop the device going off at every loud noise which would cause confusion and make training of a dog useless, another benefit  would be a saving on battery power (if using batteries).

Adjustable barking sensor

You can adjust the sensitivity to detect only close barking, which would make the device trigger only when your dog barks and not the neighbours, or if you are silencing another dog, when the neighbour’s dog barks and not one a few houses away. Again stopping the confusion of which dog you are trying to training.

Green light sensor

Lets you know when the sensor is triggered. Used with the adjustable barking sensor you can tell when the device is triggered and even if it is working.

Other features of the ultra-sonic pest repeller

For an explanation of the other features of this product see my review of the basic but fantastic Yard Sentinel.

Problems with the Yard Dual

This fantastic product is an ultrasonic pest deterrent, dog silencer and an intruder alarm… But it can’t do all 3 at once. You have to choose which one you want it to function as and change it as needs arise.

Verdict…Should you buy it?

If you have a pest problem or want to train dogs to stop barking then this is a brilliant little pest repellent / trainer and I would not normally hesitate to recommend it to you, but as stated above I have found an even better, cheaper model also made by Aspectec and it’s the Bark Stop Pro. It is the same model as above but it also has a remote control making changing settings and dog training even easier.

If you still want the yard sentinel dual then I recommend you buy it from USA Amazon or Canada Amazon, I have not found a better price elsewhere and their fast delivery makes stopping those pests and dog barking even sooner.

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