Upgraded Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster Review | Cobra Jet Spray Review

Hoont Cobra Water Jet BlasterOh I wish I had a Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster years ago… Revenge would have been so sweet. That may be mean of me but after cleaning up and / or standing in cat poo, well you just want to get your own back!

If you have come from a video to this page and are just looking to buy the Hoont Cobra jet blaster, you can buy it here now with 47% off (at time of writing). This is an Amazon link where I have found the best price and along with that you get great service and super quick delivery.

In this post I’ll find out just how effective a jet spray is for keeping cats out of your garden, I’ll also review the Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster going in-depth over its features, I’ll find out the good points and the bad, finally giving you my conclusion and recommendations.

I first want to get out of the way my biggest objection to a water jet repeller and that is the inconvenience of dismantling the hose to use it for other gardening usage… This problem is solved with a water hose splitter for click here for more info.

Features of the Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster

Hoont Cobra Water Jet BlasterHow does it detect cats?

There are no details on the type of motion sensor however because it works at night I surmise that it is a passive infrared sensor which is sensitive to heat movement up to 30 feet away. This is good as wind blown plants should not set it off.

What sort of water jet is it?

This is not a jet of water that will bowl the cat over, but instead it’s many little rapid jets of water (like a machine gun) that spray over a wide area ensuring that the cat does get wet.

These mini jets do reach up to 30 feet depending on the position of the blaster unit.

The water jet lasts for approximately 5 seconds then turns off to save water. If there is continuous movement in the area covered, it doesn’t continually spray but randomly activates, so the cat does not get attuned to the spray.

How easy is it to set up?

The Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster is fairly easy to set up, not as easy as an ultrasonic scarer but still fairly simple.

  • Insert batteries (not included)
  • The blaster is placed in the ground using the fitted spike
  • Connect your water to the blaster (to me the most complicated bit)
  • Adjust the jet blaster till the jet spray targets the area you want to keep cat free. OK some people find this the most complicated!
  • Adjust the motion detector sensitivity so that just the area you want cat free is in range.

That’s it! Just replace batteries when needed, they should last 2 to 3 months depending on the amount of activity.

Hoont Cobra Water Jet BlasterWhat are the good points?

It works… Practically no cats stay in your garden when getting wet, and no cats stay long enough to poo in a stress free zone that they are accustomed too.

The Hoont Cobra what are the bad points?

Because it is so cheap there has been some cost cutting and this is the quality of the plastic it is made from… the spike is flimsy and there have been some complaints of water leaking from joints.

Do water jet blasters work?

Undeniably they are a success, by far water jets are the best cat repellers on the market. This is a safe humane way to keep cats out of your yard.

Conclusion of the Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster

The Hoont Cobra is one of Amazons best sellers in this range and with good reason. It’s cheap and has a great results for keeping your yard cat free.

Apart from the water leakage problems I have no problem in recommending you purchase the Hoont Cobra jet spray to keep cats out of your garden.

Hoont Cobra Water Jet BlasterWhere to buy the Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster

You can purchase the Hoont Cobra jet spay HERE now with 47% off (at time of writing). This is an Amazon link which has the best price and with fast delivery you will have a cat free yard within days.

You can find more ways to keep cats out of your yard here, if the use of a water jet blaster is not for you.

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