The Orange Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Pest Repeller Review

Hoont are no strangers to the cat repellent market and this is one of their entrants to the water jet cat repeller category. There are two types of Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Pest Repeller there is an orange one like the image alongside and a green one (Hoont cobra link to that review).

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Apart from the looks they are both very similar with the same features, the same great results and I’m afraid also the same problems.

In this review I’ll look at the features of the Hoont water Pest Repeller and see what sets this cat water scarer apart from others in the market. I’ll also look at owners comments and find if this is an effective pest scarer and what the good points are and its faults.

Features of the Hoont Water Blaster Pest Repeller.

Let’s start with the looks… It has eyes! OK not a great feature for repelling cats and other pests but it does make it stand out from other water repellers. The other striking difference are the orange fittings, again not important in the pest scaring stakes but the style may suit you better.

What sort of water jet does the Hoont have?

Rather than a continuous powerful jet of water that will bowl a cat over, the water that is jetted out is a staccato of water, rather like a machine gun of water spurts.

The jet of water, while it is pointed at cat that triggered the unit it then sprays a fan of water for 5 seconds. The object of the Hoont water jet is to shock and soak the pest which it does very well… there is no escape!

Adjustable and easy to set up.

On paper this is true. Add batteries (not included), point the unit in the general direction where the pest will be and place in the ground (with the flimsy spike) connect a water hose and set the sensitivity.

But this is not as easy as it sounds, while not difficult it is a bit of a trail setting the sensitivity and water jet position also you probably will get a soaking yourself to get this just right.

Low water consumption

In a time of ever decreasing resources water consumption is a problem for some people but the Hoont Water Blaster has this covered. Once activated the units blasts out a jet spray for only 5 seconds (cats can run a long way and out of range in this time). If the sensor is repeatedly activated the unit will not carry on spraying, but instead stop and then do randomly spray times so as not to waste water and also so the targeted pest does not become accustomed to the water.

How good is the sensor?

The Hoont Water Repeller uses a passive infrared sensor which will detect the heat from a pest up to 30Ft away. This is adjustable if you don’t want it triggered that far away, but is set up right the water jet will reach out that far.

Because a heat sensor is used and not a motion sensor then this unit should not be triggered by windblown plants and leaves and will work at night also.

Owners Comments

The vast majority of buyers of the Hoont Blaster give this a resounding thumbs up for results, there are not many animals that will stay around while being blasted with water.

The people who disliked this pest repeller did so not because the pests were not scared away, but more from the fact that the unit leaked water.

My conclusion

A water jet spray is a humane way to scare pests (especially cats) away from your yard and the Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Pest Repeller does this extremely well. As with other water scarer models and makes, leakage is a problem but fitting better connectors usually cures this.

I do recommend the Hoont Pest Repeller and at the current price (50% off at time of writing) it is a good buy.

Where to buy the Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Pest Repeller?

You can BUY it here. It’s an Amazon link where I have found it with 50% off (at time of writing). Along with this great price you get the fantastic Amazon service and Super quick delivery.

If a water repeller is not for you, check out more ways to keep your yard pest free and thank you for checking my StopUpest site out.

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