Best ultrasonic cat repeller reviews 2017

Best Ultrasonic cat ScarerI’ve researched and reviewed many cat deterrents and in this post I’ve put together a top 3 list of my best ultrasonic cat repeller reviews.

I’ve made lists of sonic cat repellers both for the USA and the UK. I have no hesitation in recommending any of the ultrasonic cat scarers  mentioned below, it is only little points that make one better than the other.

These lists are very similar but price differences in each country change the value for money and therefore the order.

Ultrasonic cat repeller reviews USA

This fully adjustable but simple to use ultrasonic cat repeller has better results and reviews, making it better than the similar specked Yard Sentinel cat repeller.

Check out the latest price here.

This is Amazons best seller with near identical feature to the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel, but is has reliability issues if the fiddly to fit back door is not seating properly.

Check out the latest price here.

This simple to use but effective sonic cat repeller is the UK number one best seller.

Check out the latest price here.

Ultrasonic cat repeller reviews UK

All the features you would want on an Ultrasonic cat scarer, even including solar battery charging and flashing lights and it is the cheapest ultrasonic repeller on Amazon.

Check out the latest price here.

This is Amazons best-seller and number 3 in the USA, but here in the UK it is extremely cheap… now with 50% off (at the time of writing).

Check out the latest price here.

America’s best-selling ultrasonic repeller now over here, a little pricy but it’s fully adjustable and has great cat repelling reviews.

Check out the latest price here.

Do ultrasonic cat repellents work?

No cat repellent is 100% successful but ultrasonic cat repellers are much better than scented repellers and nearly as good as water spraying cat scarers, and if you give them time the success rate gets better.

So yes they do work but for better results you need give them time and know how they keep cats out of your garden.

Hoont Ultrasonic Pest deterrentHow to keep cats out of your garden with an ultrasonic repeller

While some cats are immediately scared out of your garden by the ultrasonic blast, most cats have to be trained to move on and find a new place to poo.

Cats are secretive animals and they like quiet peaceful places to do their business. They have singled out your garden as the perfect space to do their business and you have to convince them that your garden is from now on an ultrasonic hell.

But as mentioned above this takes time! Not all cats are the same, there are young and old, deaf and blind, timid and just plain belligerent. They will get the message that your yard is not paradise however this can take from days to months, some even 3 months!

The take-away from this is that they are not an immediate solution to your cat problem but before you say the ultrasonic cat repeller doesn’t work give it time.

Click the link for more information and ways to keep cats out of your garden

Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent Does It Work?

SonicBest Ultrasonic cat ScarerYou’ve got a cat problem and you want to know if an ultrasonic cat deterrent will work or not, or you want to know which is the best ultrasonic cat deterrent. Read on because here on StopUpest I’ve researched and reviewed many ultrasonic cat scarers and I’ll give you my results.

First up is a list of ultrasonic cat repellers one for the USA and one for the UK. They are in order of best first with a brief description. If you want more information there are links to reviews and more information.

USA list of Ultrasonic cat deterrent reviews

While this is the best ultrasonic pest deterrent it is near identical to the Yard Sentinal below but is has better results of cat free yards and reviews. Check it out on Amazon here.

Amazons best seller and very similar to the 1st place Pest Soldier Sentinel but knocked down a place by some reviews stating ill-fitting back plate leading to failure from water damage, but still a very good ultrasonic cat deterrent. Check it out on Amazon here.

This is also a great sonic cat scarer and best seller in the UK, but lacking some of the power supply features of the two above. Check it out on Amazon here.

DO NOT BUY! This made the list only to show you what a bad ultrasonic is. It’s cheap unreliable and has many bad reviews from other buyers. Check it out on Amazon here.

UK List of ultrasonic cat deterrent reviews

My recommendation for best UK ultrasonic cat repeller. This has most of the feature you would want in a maintenance free cat scarer, including solar charger and it is the cheapest sonic cat scarer. Check it out on Amazon here.


Amazons best-selling ultrasonic cat repeller knocked into 2nd place because of its price. It is very good at scaring cats away from your garden, I know because I bought one! Check it out on Amazon here.

A very competent cat deterrent and it is America’s best seller. Check it out on Amazon here.

Very easy to set up but unlike the repellers above that can target cats only the Mega-Sonic scares all animals. Check it out on Amazon here.

How does ultrasonic cat deterrent work

Hoont Ultrasonic Pest deterrentTo scare a cat the ultrasonic repeller first has to detect the cat, older models use motion detectors to spot anything that moves and blasts it with ultrasonic sound, and this unfortunately also included plants, leaves and trees causing the battery to run down very quickly.

Modern sonic cat scarers now use PIR (passive infrared) sensors, which detects the heat and movement of a cat giving fewer false alarms and it also works just as well at night.

Once the sensor is triggered the cat repeller emits a loud ultrasonic blast which either scares the cat or makes it uncomfortable for the cat to stay in your property.

Cats like to poo in tranquil private areas, you now have to train the cat which is a creature of habit to stop using your flowerbed as a litter tray. The ultrasonic blast is extremely irritating to cats and as mentioned above this is not how they like to do their business, but as creatures of habit they will keep coming back hoping for the good old times of peace and tranquillity. It may take them a while before they move to a new area to poo so have patience and perseverance.

Ultrasonic cat deterrents take time! Your cat repeller is not broken if there is no immediate results. If you see no results after a few weeks you mat have better results if you use both ultrasonic and scented repellers together.

What to look for when buying an ultrasonic cat deterrent

There are 3 main things to look at when buying an ultrasonic cat deterrent:

  1. The motion sensor
  2. The type of ultrasonic frequency
  3. How the unit is powered

Motion Sensor

There are 2 types of sensor; fixed or adjustable. If the area you want cat free is large with no pathways or driveways where passing traffic, pedestrians or even yourself can set off the motion sensor then a fixed senor is OK, however if you do have a smaller area you want covered then you should look for a model with an adjustable sensor.

Ultrasonic frequency

Different species are affected by a different range in the ultrasonic frequency, cats by one dogs by another and birds by yet another.

Ultrasonic cat repellers have two types of frequency settings. There is a non-adjustable unit and this will blast the cat with the full spectrum of ultrasonic sound, this will scare / annoy the cat and also all other animals / birds as well. If you want an animal free yard then this is the route for you.

If you want to target just cats then you need to look for an ultrasonic cat deterrent that has an adjustable frequency setting.

How to power the ultrasonic cat repeller.

There are many ways to power a sonic cat scarer:

  • Mains power
  • Battery power
  • Solar power
  • Car cigarette lighter
  • DC power

It all comes down to you and your situation also where you are going to place your cat repeller. However I personally would go for a solar rechargeable, if there is enough sun the batteries should last about a year before you would need to recharge them fully, making it fairly maintenance free.

Best ultrasonic cat deterrent

USA best ultrasonic cat deterrent

6-in-1 Pest Soldier SentinelWhile looking for the best ultrasonic cat deterrent the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel has stood out for having some of the best user reviews and positive results.

I believe it is a blatant copy of the best-selling Yard Sentinel but it is more reliable and cheaper. Check out my full review here or find latest price and more reviews on Amazon here.

UK best ultrasonic cat deterrent

Selections GFA805 Ultrasonic Cat scarerThe Selections GFA805 Ultrasonic Cat Repeller first came to my notice as the cheapest ultrasonic cat repeller, fully laden with all the best features I though this is too good to be true! It must be cheap and nasty, where is the cost cutting to be found?

Apart from the supplied rechargeable batteries I found no cost cutting and the user reviews were glowing and positive.

Note: Amazons best-selling PestBye Cat Repeller has reduced its price to match the Selections GFA805 but it still lacks a solar battery recharger.

Conclusion Ultrasonic cat deterrents

Best Ultrasonic cat ScarerUltrasonic cat deterrents do work! They are not 100% effective but in most cases they will keep cats out of your garden.

They are not expensive and are easy to use and can be maintenance free, just set and forget.

Ultrasonic blasts are a humane way to repel cats without harming them or your garden.

If you have tried free home-made or shop bought repellents that confuse their sense of smell but have not worked, then Ultrasonic cat deterrent should be your next choice of action.

I hope you have found this post from useful. If you know anyone else that would like to keep cats out of their yard please share this post. Thank you.

Which Is The Best Ultrasonic Cat Repeller USA 2017?

I’ve researched and reviewed many cat repellers and my research has shown that the best ultrasonic cat repeller sold in the USA is the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel.

I’ll explain my reasons and criteria and tell you why I believe the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel is the best. But If you don’t want to read my reasons and just want to keep cats out of your garden you can read my full review here or click here to go straight to Amazon to purchase or check it out.

Best ultrasonic cat repeller – Why this is my choice

While not the most feature rich sonic blaster the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel compares well with Amazons best seller the Yard Sentinel, has better results at scaring cats, more positive comments and overcomes a flaw that many ultrasonic pest scarers suffer from and that is it’s totally weatherproof.

While not the cheapest it is competitively priced and here we are paying for reliability and quality. You want your cat scarer to continue working years down the line and not until the first rain storm.

A quality feature is that it is fully adjustable both in sensitivity and more importantly you can set it to target just on type of pest not everything with ears. For example you may just want to deter cats from coming into your yard but still have birds coming into your garden.

The Soldier Sentinel can be used indoor, outdoor and even in vehicles due to its many ways of power input. It can be powered from the mains via its extremely long power lead, or from a DC power source or just ordinary AA batteries.

It is very easy to set up and is also discreet. Its size is small and colored green so it can be placed on the ground or hung from a wall or post without spoiling the look of your garden.

The most important reason that the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel is the best Ultrasonic cat scarer is because it works. It has above average reviews for success for clearing cats out of gardens than the other cat repellers in its class, and let’s face it that’s what we want!

How to set up the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel

The Pest Soldier Sentinel is extremely simple to set up and once done you can forget it and let it get on with its job.

It has 2 adjustable setting.

  • One that adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor.

You may want to keep a small are free from cats or have a path at the end of your garden and you will not want the ultrasonic blaster to go off every time someone walks past.

  • The second adjustable setting is for the type of pest you want to scare away.

Different pests find different pitches in the ultrasonic range more annoying than others, also younger and older animals are also affected by different pitches. You may have to experiment here.

Next is to position the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel, just point it at the area you want cat free. You can place the unit on the ground or higher up on a wall or fence.

Turn it on and you should have a cat free garden, it’s as simple as that!


Another reason for choosing the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel is its price. Right now there is a price war on; you can check it out here at Amazon where you will get a great price with the knowledge of a fantastic service with super-fast delivery.

Along with its great price, quality fully adjustable settings and great results for a cat free garden I believe the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel to be the best ultrasonic cat repeller for 2017.

If an ultrasonic repeller is not for you check out other ways to stop cats pooing in your flower beds.

PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller Review |Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller

Let’s get your garden free from cats!

Today I am researching the PestBye battery operated cat repeller and I’m going to run through the features, the good points, and the bad, I’ll also include customer’s opinions and point you to the best direction to get the best price.

If you’ve just landed on this website looking to buy  PestBye cat repeller Then click here to go straight to Amazon USA or Amazon UK where you can view the product and best prices.

What is a sonic cat scarer?

Best Ultrasonic cat ScarerPestBye cat repeller is basically a loud-speaker which gives off a very loud ultrasonic noise (which most humans cannot hear) but cats can, they are either scared of the noise or find it uncomfortable to be around.

This PestBye sonic cat repellent is controlled by an infra-red heat detector which turns the speaker on when the heat from the cat comes into range this is around 7 metres from the detector.

How does it scare cats?

The noise emitted from the sonic cat scarer is a very sudden, loud, high pitch noise which is usually enough to scare most cats away. If that doesn’t work then the incessant noise will make the cats uncomfortable, and cats like to be relaxed when they do their business. So they go elsewhere where they can relax while having a poop.


  • Waterproof
  • Works day and night – Keeping your garden cat free 24hrs
  • Battery operated –Owners say batteries last for around 9 months
  • Infra-red (PIR) motion sensor which turns the device on when a warm body enters your garden
  • Different output frequency setting to target specific animals
  • Adjustable Sensitivity settings – Can be targeted

Who is it suitable for?

Just one ultrasonic scarer will cover an 80 degree arc, to a distance of up to 23ft (7m) so if the area you want to keep totally clear of cats is larger than 7 metres, you will need more than one.

Not suitable for pet owners. If you have pets of your own, either cats or dogs, they will be affected also.

Unfortunately it can’t tell pest from pet.

Is it any good?

The PestBye cat repeller is one of the best on the market with a very high success rate.

No cat repellent is 100% guaranteed but this is far better than using scented sprays and pellets. However used in conjunction with them, buyers who used both sprays and ultrasonic comment that their gardens are now cat free!

Are there better Ultra sonic scarers ?

PestBye is the market leader in ultrasonic cat scarers, but there are others which come in different formats to suit all.

  • Battery operated – Free from wires but the battery will run out (about 3-9 months)
  • Mains operated – Needs to be permanently plugged into the mains, but it is a set and forget device (this is the one I used).
  • Solar rechargable – No wires, and the batteries normaly last a year depending on the sun and then you only need to recharge the batteries. This is truly a set and forget about it.

For best prices near you click here USA, UK

Value for money Would I recommend it?

This sonic cat scarer has far better results than scent related products, and is only slightly more expensive. I myself have bought one in the past and it did keep my yard free from cats, so I definitely recommend this for keeping your garden and yard cat free.

Click for more ways to keep cats away from your yard