Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller | Review

Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller

Today I’m going to review the Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller and I’ll run through the features, the good points and the bad, then customers opinions and point you in the best direction to get the best price near you.

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  • Battery operated
  • Built in sophisticated PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detection system
  • Extra loud speaker
  • Easy to set up
  • Test button
  • Weather resistant

Mega-Sonic Cat Repellet Review

The Mega-Sonic repeller is the big boy of ultrasonic cat repellers, with a larger than average speaker giving it the loudest output and the most garden covered compered to other leading brands, making the cats even more uncomfortable than the rest.

The device detects cats when they come in range by the use of its internal infra-red detection system which detects the heat given off by cats and other large animals.

Being infra-red apparently saves on the battery making it last longer but also means it will work at night and in the dark. Keeping your garden cat free for twenty four hours a day.

Best Ultrasonic cat ScarerThe mega sonic is very easy to set up, just add the batteries turn it on and fix it in the ground with its retaining spike or fix it to a wall. Just make sure it is facing the area you want to keep cat free.

Being battery operated you have the luxury of being able to position the detector where ever you want. But if you are concerned about the battery running out you can get one with a mains adapter.

When the Sonic Cat Repeller detects animals moving into range it triggers a burst of continuously variable ultrasound, which sweeps a frequency range of 18,000Hz, 24,000 Hz to repel cats. This sound is so high pitch that humans cannot hear it, but makes cats very uncomfortable to be near.

If you want to test it is still working there is a test button that lowers the pitch and makes it audible to you.

The Mega-Sonic cat repeller has only a few features, but they are good ones.

Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller How your ultrasonic repeller stops cats from using your garden.

Cats like to be comfortable and stress free while they do their business, the job of an ultrasonic cat repeller is to make your garden a stressful place to be in. Forcing those cats to find a less stressful and quieter place to do their poop.

Unfortunately cats are creatures of habit and to break their habit of using your garden can take up to 3 months… Do persevere with all cat repellents.

I hope you have enjoyed my review, check out the customer opinions below or you can click here to purchase at best price near you Amazon USA or Amazon UK. I recommend Amazon for their best prices and prompt delivery.

Customer reviews

Reading customers reviews I have discovered that most are extremely happy with their Sonic Cat Repeller with results of cat free gardens almost immediately to only a few days.

One reviewer was extremely impressed with the reaction of the firs cat to wonder in front of the cat scarer that he bemoaned the fact that he didn’t video it.

Another bemoaned that his neighbour was so impressed with his cat free garden that they kept borrowing it!

There are of course some buyers who say they don’t work and are a waste of money. Unfortunately not all cats are the same and no cat repellent is guaranteed to work on all cats. If this happens to you other owners use the ultrasonic scarer along with sprays or gels and the combination of the two does work… remember you only have to break the cat of its habit.

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PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller | Review |Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

Ultrasonic cat deterrentPestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller

Lest get your garden free from cats!

Today I am researching the PestBye battery operated cat repeller and I’m going to run through the features, the good points, and the bad, I’ll also include customer’s opinions and point you to the best direction to get the best price.

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What is a sonic cat scarer?

PestBye cat repeller is basically a loud-speaker which gives off a very loud ultrasonic noise (which most humans cannot hear) but cats can, they are either scared of the noise or find it uncomfortable to be around.

This PestBye sonic cat repellent is controlled by an infra-red heat detector which turns the speaker on when the heat from the cat comes into range this is around 7 metres from the detector.

How does it scare cats?

The noise emitted from the sonic cat scarer is a very sudden, loud, high pitch noise which is usually enough to scare most cats away. If that doesn’t work then the incessant noise will make the cats uncomfortable, and cats like to be relaxed when they do their business. So they go elsewhere where they can relax while having a poop.


  • Waterproof
  • Works day and night – Keeping your garden cat free 24hrs
  • Battery operated –Owners say batteries last for around 9 months
  • Infra-red (PIR) motion sensor which turns the device on when a warm body enters your garden
  • Different output frequency setting to target specific animals
  • Adjustable Sensitivity settings – Can be targeted

Who is it suitable for?

Just one ultrasonic scarer will cover an 80 degree arc, to a distance of up to 23ft (7m) so if the area you want to keep totally clear of cats is larger than 7 metres, you will need more than one.

Not suitable for pet owners. If you have pets of your own, either cats or dogs, they will be affected also.

Unfortunately it can’t tell pest from pet.

Ultrasonic cat deterrentIs it any good?

The PestBye cat repeller is one of the best on the market with a very high success rate.

No cat repellent is 100% guaranteed but this is far better than using scented sprays and pellets. However used in conjunction with them, buyers who used both sprays and ultrasonic comment that their gardens are now cat free!

Are there better Ultra sonic scarers ?

PestBye is the market leader in ultrasonic cat scarers, but they do come in different formats to suit all.

  • Battery operated – Free from wires but the battery will run out (about 6-9 months)
  • Mains operated – Needs to be permanently plugged into the mains, but it is a set and forget device (this is the one I used).
  • Solar operated – No wires set it working and forget about it. This does not appear to be as good as the battery operated one, as it has no adjustable settings and can’t be targeted at just cats.

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Value for money Would I recommend it?

This sonic cat scarer has far better results than scent related products, and is only slightly more expensive. I myself have bought one in the past and it did keep my yard free from cats, so I definitely recommend this for keeping your garden and yard cat free.

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Get Off My Garden Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Crystals

Get Off My Garden Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Crystals

Get off my garden gelI have done the research for Get off my Garden cat and dog deterrent and I’ve found out:

  • If it is any good?
  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • How does it do it?
  • Should you use it?

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What Is Get Off My Garden?

Get off my garden is an easy to use outdoor cat and dog repellent… Do not use indoors! One buyer of the product used it indoors and made the room unusable even for humans!

It is a bright green gel that you squirt around areas that you wish to discourage cats and dogs from.

This cat repeller is safe for use on young pets / pests as well as old ones.

It is effective in all weather conditions, however after heavy rainfall you do need to reapply.

What does it do?

Get off my Garden is a smelly green gel that is used for the following 2 main purposes.

  1. Its main use is to discourage cats and dogs from using your garden and lawns as a toilet.
  2. Because it makes cats and dogs uncomfortable to poo or pee around this product it can and is used as toilet training for your pets…Discouraging them from using the wrong areas as a toilet and getting them to use litter trays or easy to clean areas.

How does it do it?

It smells bad! It has a very strong lemon smell which makes cats and dogs uncomfortable so they go find somewhere else to use as a toilet.

Why should you use it?

To rid your garden and lawn from cats and dogs who use it as a toilet.

This is a safe non-irritant gel containing methyl nonyl ketone, which It is found naturally in bananas, cloves, ginger, Strawberries and guava.

As a bonus it also repels foxes!

Get off my garden gelIs it any good?

Get off my garden has mixed results, it has been a total success for many buyers but for others a total waste of money.

Compared to other cat and dog repellers on the market, this does appear to have a lower than average success rate than many others out there.

A draw back is that you do have to reapply at regular intervals but this is not a permanent task… you only have to stop cats and dogs until their habit is broken and they have moved on.

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Would I buy it… No.

Why? I believe I have found a similar if not identical product Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent with better reviews and results!

The product I recommend is Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Crystals, which has a much higher success rate. Looking at the reviews for this product I think it may works better because of detailed instructions for use or maybe it’s just a better product! Find a full review of Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Crystals here.

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