UK PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Scarer & Repellent Review

I wish I had a water jet cat scarer earlier! I’ve tried a number of ways to keep cats out of my garden both with scented repellents and ultrasonic repellers and I did have some success, but with the PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Scarer & Repellent you get to see the pest cat running as fast as possible out of your garden, which is priceless and very satisfying.

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In this review of the PestBye Jet Spray Motion Activated Cat Repellent I’ll find out just how good it is at keeping cats out of your garden. I’ll look in-depth into its features, also I find out what other users think of the PestBye Jet Spray Cat Scarer, the good points and if there are any the downsides to water jet pest repellers. I’ll finally end with my conclusion and recommendations.


A concern I had about using a water-repellent would be that my hose would be permanently connected to the cat scarer, and I didn’t want the hassle of disconnecting the hose from the unit just to use it for gardening. However you can get a hose splitter and therefore have a permanent hose to the scarer and another for gardening… No problem. You can find samples of a hose splitter here.

Features of the PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Scarer

  • Range of up to 10m in a 120 degree arc.

This water scarer can detect cats and other pests up to 10m (30ft) away with its infrared detector and it will spray water this far also. Not only does it spray a jet of water at the pest but it then continues to spray in an arc so that even if your pest runs it will still get wet.

  • This cat deterrent covers an area of at least 100sqm

At full range and with its arc of spray it will cover an area of around 100sqm, but you can adjust the spray direction and arc of spray so it covers a smaller area of your garden.

  • Fires a 5 second burst of water when triggered

The water jet is not a continuous blast of water but a series of very short jets, it shoots them out like a machine gun in the direction of your pest. But so as not to waste water the blast only lasts for 5 seconds (and let’s face it the pest should be a long way off and out of range in 5 seconds).

  • practical and robust, designed for outdoor use

This is not true! It is made from cheap bendy plastic (see owners comments) also I would not leave it out in temperatures that will freeze water, it will split! (I suspect your hose would also).

  • It is a safe and effective repellent

The PestBye Jet Spray Cat Scarer is a humane repeller and will scare most pests away immediately. If however the cat braves the first jet it will not stay around long enough to have a poo when there are dryer and quieter places for it to go.

  • Four ‘AA’ batteries will be needed to power the sensor and battery

Batteries not included so I would purchase some good rechargeable batteries to power the sensor. These usually last for around 3 months before they need recharging.

How to set up the PestBye Jet Spray Cat Repellent

  • It is very simple to set up the PestBye water jet scarer:
  • Insert batteries
  • Attach a hose pipe
  • Point in the direction of the garden you want pest free
  • Insert into the ground using the plastic spike – This is where it gets tricky to set up. The plastic is so flimsy that it bends when the water jet is set off, sending it high.

What other users have to say about the PestBuy

It works! In nearly all cases they have a pest free garden. In fact my research has shown that water jet repellents are the best way of keeping pests and cats out of your garden, much better results than an ultrasonic cat scarer.

It is easy to set up but you will get wet yourself with test sprays.

And so to the bad points.

It is made from cheap plastic and as such the fittings are a little flimsy and these can leak, however someone noted that if you turn the pressure down it stopped leaking and still works perfectly.

Staying with the flimsy plastic, as I have noted above the whole unit flexes when activated making setting up a little difficult.


I like water jet spray repellers and the PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Scarer & Repellent while made from cheap plastic, it is a cheap solution to keeping pests out of your garden.

This is a great cost-effective and very satisfying way to repel cats and other pests and the PestBye water jet is as good as others on the market.

If there was a stronger and robust model I would recommend you get that, however the PestBye Jet Cat Scarer is as good as the best and I have no problem in recommending this as a great cat scarer.

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The Orange Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Pest Repeller Review

Hoont are no strangers to the cat repellent market and this is one of their entrants to the water jet cat repeller category. There are two types of Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Pest Repeller there is an orange one like the image alongside and a green one (Hoont cobra link to that review).

Buy the Hoont Water Pest Repeller here

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Apart from the looks they are both very similar with the same features, the same great results and I’m afraid also the same problems.

In this review I’ll look at the features of the Hoont water Pest Repeller and see what sets this cat water scarer apart from others in the market. I’ll also look at owners comments and find if this is an effective pest scarer and what the good points are and its faults.

Features of the Hoont Water Blaster Pest Repeller.

Let’s start with the looks… It has eyes! OK not a great feature for repelling cats and other pests but it does make it stand out from other water repellers. The other striking difference are the orange fittings, again not important in the pest scaring stakes but the style may suit you better.

What sort of water jet does the Hoont have?

Rather than a continuous powerful jet of water that will bowl a cat over, the water that is jetted out is a staccato of water, rather like a machine gun of water spurts.

The jet of water, while it is pointed at cat that triggered the unit it then sprays a fan of water for 5 seconds. The object of the Hoont water jet is to shock and soak the pest which it does very well… there is no escape!

Adjustable and easy to set up.

On paper this is true. Add batteries (not included), point the unit in the general direction where the pest will be and place in the ground (with the flimsy spike) connect a water hose and set the sensitivity.

But this is not as easy as it sounds, while not difficult it is a bit of a trail setting the sensitivity and water jet position also you probably will get a soaking yourself to get this just right.

Low water consumption

In a time of ever decreasing resources water consumption is a problem for some people but the Hoont Water Blaster has this covered. Once activated the units blasts out a jet spray for only 5 seconds (cats can run a long way and out of range in this time). If the sensor is repeatedly activated the unit will not carry on spraying, but instead stop and then do randomly spray times so as not to waste water and also so the targeted pest does not become accustomed to the water.

How good is the sensor?

The Hoont Water Repeller uses a passive infrared sensor which will detect the heat from a pest up to 30Ft away. This is adjustable if you don’t want it triggered that far away, but is set up right the water jet will reach out that far.

Because a heat sensor is used and not a motion sensor then this unit should not be triggered by windblown plants and leaves and will work at night also.

Owners Comments

The vast majority of buyers of the Hoont Blaster give this a resounding thumbs up for results, there are not many animals that will stay around while being blasted with water.

The people who disliked this pest repeller did so not because the pests were not scared away, but more from the fact that the unit leaked water.

My conclusion

A water jet spray is a humane way to scare pests (especially cats) away from your yard and the Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Pest Repeller does this extremely well. As with other water scarer models and makes, leakage is a problem but fitting better connectors usually cures this.

I do recommend the Hoont Pest Repeller and at the current price (50% off at time of writing) it is a good buy.

Where to buy the Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Pest Repeller?

You can BUY it here. It’s an Amazon link where I have found it with 50% off (at time of writing). Along with this great price you get the fantastic Amazon service and Super quick delivery.

If a water repeller is not for you, check out more ways to keep your yard pest free and thank you for checking my StopUpest site out.

Cheapest Ultrasonic cat repeller Selections GFA805 Solar Powered Battery Operated Ultrasonic Cat Repeller review

Cheapest Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

Selections GFA805 Ultrasonic Cat scarerThe Selections GFA805 Solar Powered Battery Operated Ultrasonic Cat Repeller is the cheapest sonic cat repeller on the market. How do they do it? It has great functions and even a solar charger… so let’s go through its features and see if it is too good to be true.

If you have found this page and looking to just buy the Selections GFA805 ultrasonic Cat Repeller please click the Amazon link HERE, where I have found the best price along with great service and quick delivery.

In this review I’ll look at the features and compare them with the bestselling Pestbye ultrasonic and see if they are better or not. I’ll go over the features, letting you know if they are useful or just marketing fluff.

I’ll find other owners thoughts about this cheap ultrasonic scarer and see if there are any major faults with it. Finally I’ll give you my conclusion and recommendations about the Selections Ultrasonic Cat Repeller.

Features of the Selections GFA805 Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller.

  • Activated by a Passive Infrared Sensor

No cat can hide from this sensor, working day and night and any weather conditions the infrared sensor can detect the heat from a cat up to 22ft (6.7m), which in turn triggers a sonic blast at the cat.

Comparing this sensor with the PestBye it has the same detection range… no corners cut here.

  • PIR sensitivity adjuster

Staying with the infrared sensor, just like the Pestbye this is fully adjustable for sensitivity. There are 2 ways to use this. You can adjust how far away the sensor will work, for example if you have a path at the end of your garden you don’t want the ultrasonic repeller going off, draining its battery every time someone walks past.

Or you can adjust for the size of pest you want to repel. Not only does the Selections GFA805 Ultrasonic Repeller work on cats but also big dogs, foxes, squirrels, rodents and right down to insects.

  • Frequency adjuster

A frequency adjuster is included as well. Some ultrasonic scarers don’t have this and just blast away using the full frequency range, this will scare cats away but also every other animal in your garden including birds.

Being able to adjust the frequency you are able to target just one particular pest (cats) and still have birds visit your garden

  • Weatherproof

My research and reviews of other ultrasonic repellers show that many break down due to rain. Looking at owners comment for this one there has not been one complaint of failure due to rain. Big thumbs up for the Selections Ultrasonic Cat Repeller.

  • Solar Panel

So far this Ultrasonic repeller has stood up to the best-selling PestBye, now it surpasses it for features by including a solar panel for recharging the batteries making this repeller maintenance free. Depending on the weather and position of the unit the batteries can last from 3 months up to a year!

  • Rechargable Battery

Batteries are included…Yet another plus point over the PestBye which has none.

  • USB cable

Every now and again (depending on the amount of sun) the batteries will need recharging and the Selections GFA805 comes with a USB charger, unfortunately you cannot run the unit from the mains as it turns the detector off while recharging.

Check out the latest price here

  • Flashing light indicates low battery

An easy to see visual flashing light lets you know when the batteries are low. No worry about finding piles of cat poo in your garden because the ultrasonic cat scarer has stopped working.

  • Mounted on a spike or hung from a wall

Easy to set up… Point at the area you want to keep cats out of your garden and simply place in the ground or hang on a wall or post

  • Repels other pests

As mentioned above the Selections GFA805 Solar Cat Repeller can keep your garden free from other pests as well as cats. These include dogs, foxes, squirrels, rodents and insects… Also probably every other animal with ears.

  • Inaudible to humans

The ultrasonic noise should be inaudible to most humans… The older you are the less chance there is of you hearing the sonic sound.

  • Protected area radius 6-7m (22foot)

The area of protection is very similar to the PestBye and other ultrasonic repellers

Owners Comments

It works! At least for most people, unfortunately there are a minority of cats that seem to be immune to the sound and carry on as usual. (no cat repellent is 100% effective)

One fault that I came across was that the batteries supplies are not very good (the first bit of cost cutting) and better rechargeable batteries should be purchased.

Selections GFA805 Ultrasonic Cat scarerConclusion

The Selections GFA805 Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller is not only as good as the bestselling PestBye cat repeller but it is in fact better, added to that it’s also cheaper making this a fantastic buy which that I’m sure will soon be Amazons top seller.

UPDATE: The PestBye as reduced its price to compete with the Selections GFA805, but is still is not as good due to lack of solar recharging.

Where to Buy the Selections GFA805 Ultrasonic Cat Repeller?

You can purchase the Selections Cat Repeller HERE. This link will take you to Amazon where the price is the best I have found, along with that you get Amazons great service and fast delivery.

Here at StopUpest I hope to help you with your pest problem. If you have any query please ask it below. Thank you

Which Is The Best Ultrasonic Cat Repeller USA 2017?

I’ve researched and reviewed many cat repellers and my research has shown that the best ultrasonic cat repeller sold in the USA is the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel.

I’ll explain my reasons and criteria and tell you why I believe the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel is the best. But If you don’t want to read my reasons and just want to keep cats out of your garden you can read my full review here or click here to go straight to Amazon to purchase or check it out.

Best ultrasonic cat repeller – Why this is my choice

While not the most feature rich sonic blaster the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel compares well with Amazons best seller the Yard Sentinel, has better results at scaring cats, more positive comments and overcomes a flaw that many ultrasonic pest scarers suffer from and that is it’s totally weatherproof.

While not the cheapest it is competitively priced and here we are paying for reliability and quality. You want your cat scarer to continue working years down the line and not until the first rain storm.

A quality feature is that it is fully adjustable both in sensitivity and more importantly you can set it to target just on type of pest not everything with ears. For example you may just want to deter cats from coming into your yard but still have birds coming into your garden.

The Soldier Sentinel can be used indoor, outdoor and even in vehicles due to its many ways of power input. It can be powered from the mains via its extremely long power lead, or from a DC power source or just ordinary AA batteries.

It is very easy to set up and is also discreet. Its size is small and colored green so it can be placed on the ground or hung from a wall or post without spoiling the look of your garden.

The most important reason that the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel is the best Ultrasonic cat scarer is because it works. It has above average reviews for success for clearing cats out of gardens than the other cat repellers in its class, and let’s face it that’s what we want!

How to set up the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel

The Pest Soldier Sentinel is extremely simple to set up and once done you can forget it and let it get on with its job.

It has 2 adjustable setting.

  • One that adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor.

You may want to keep a small are free from cats or have a path at the end of your garden and you will not want the ultrasonic blaster to go off every time someone walks past.

  • The second adjustable setting is for the type of pest you want to scare away.

Different pests find different pitches in the ultrasonic range more annoying than others, also younger and older animals are also affected by different pitches. You may have to experiment here.

Next is to position the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel, just point it at the area you want cat free. You can place the unit on the ground or higher up on a wall or fence.

Turn it on and you should have a cat free garden, it’s as simple as that!


Another reason for choosing the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel is its price. Right now there is a price war on; you can check it out here at Amazon where you will get a great price with the knowledge of a fantastic service with super-fast delivery.

Along with its great price, quality fully adjustable settings and great results for a cat free garden I believe the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel to be the best ultrasonic cat repeller for 2017.

If an ultrasonic repeller is not for you check out other ways to stop cats pooing in your flower beds.

Fully loaded Hoont Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

At last an ultrasonic repellent with all the bells and whistles on it. If the Hoont Ultrasonic Pest Repeller can’t scare your problem pest nothing will.

If you have found my page and are just looking to buy the Hoont ultrasonic repeller.  Click here where I have found the best price (36% off at time of writing)

In this review of the Hoont ultrasonic repeller I’ll look at its many features and explain how they help you. I’ll look at other owners reviews and find the good and bad of this ultrasonic unit and finally I’ll give you my conclusion and recommendations.

Features of the Hoont Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

  • Best Ultrasonic cat scarerMotion sensor

An adjustable PIR (Passive Infra-Red) motion sensor which will detect pests up to 30ft away. When you need to stop the ultrasonic unit from being triggered by distant movement e.g. people walking on the other side of your fence. You can turn the sensor down to your ideal distance.

  • Powerful ultrasonic sounds

Unlike many other ultrasonic cat scarers, the Hoont has two speakers which will send two ultrasonic blasts at your pests. Double the noise is definitely better at scaring than the other single speaker models.

  • Flashing LED

I like flashing LEDs. They work especially well on animals that plan to do their business on your flower beds. Cats prefer quiet peaceful areas when they poop and flashing lights unsettle them forcing them to find new areas.

  • Weatherproof and Water-Resistant

Cheaper ultrasonic pest repellers while claiming to be water-resistant do get complaints from buyers that in heavy rain they break down, the Hoont however has had no complaints even though the adjustable knobs are on the outside and not sealed away as other models tend to be.

  • Adjustable frequency settings

Being able to adjust the frequency enables you are target just your problem pest and not all animals and birds. Each pest has a range of ultrasonic sound that they are particularly susceptible to so for example you can target cats but still have birds visit your garden.


Ultrasonic pest scarers are very easy to install, either place on the ground or hang it on a wall, turn it on, make adjustments to suit you and your pests and that’s it, you are good to go.


The attached solar power recharging panel really makes the Hoont Ultrasonic Pest Repeller maintenance free. If you have a sunny climate you will not need to recharge the batteries yourself.

  • rechargeable batteries included

No costs cut here! Unlike cheaper models batteries are included.

  • USB charger

If you live in an area or place the cat scarer in the shade you will have to recharge the batteries, again the charging adaptor is included.

Other Users Comments

Users comments are very positive about the Hoont Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with no real problems about quality or use. However there is a small number that say the unit is useless and does not work at all. No ultrasonic pest repeller is 100% effective (See my post on ultrasonic cat repellers) and unfortunately these people had pests that were unfazed by the ultrasonic sound.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Hoont Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is crammed with features (especially compared to the best-selling Yard Sentinel) and they all help to keep your yard free from pests and I’m particularly impressed by users glowing reviews and results, so I have no problem recommending this ultrasonic pest repeller to you.

Buy Here

Buy it here where have found the Hoont Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with 46% off (at time of writing). This is an Amazon link where you get a great price, service and with its super-fast delivery you will soon have a pest free yard.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you found this page helpful, if you know of anyone else who has a pest problem please share it with them.

Check out other ways to scare cats from your yard