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How to keep cats out of garden

How to keep cats out of garden
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Do you suffer from plants being dug up? Cat poo in your vegetable patch?  Lack of wildlife in your garden? Cats winding your pets up? These and many other cat related problems are the bane of many a garden owner and the search is on to find the best way how to keep cats out of garden.

Here at StopUpest I have found many ways of how to keep cats out of your garden but there is no one best way to deter cats, it all depends on your circumstances also annoyingly for some strange reason what works for one cat may not for another.

I have found that cat deterrents fall into one of the following groups:

  1. Smell –  Click for more info on how to stop cats with smell
  2. Sound – Click for more information on ultrasonic cat repellant
  3. Visual.
  4. Water.
  5. Other animals.

I personally have tried 3 of the cat deterrents and they worked!

Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden With Smell.

How to keep cats out of gardenCat deterrent sprays, powders an pellets are great for repelling cats from specific areas of your garden and can even be used if you have pets of your own.

The first cat repellent I ever used was based on smell. I found a great product that was impregnated with pee from lions and other big cats from the zoo. This works a treat, however it does need to be frequently re-applied as the smell must get old or just washed away, either with rain or the watering of your plants.

The down side to this technique is that to keep cats out of your garden you can’t just apply it around the borders of your garden, it also has to be applied around the problem areas and plants, so you do yet through a lot of this stuff.

I also wouldn’t recommend using this around a vegetable patch as your veg may absorb some of the taste.

In conclusion as long as you remember to re-apply regularly this works great.

More Information and products that stop cats with Smell

Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden With Ultra Sonic Scarer

How to keep cats out of garden Water Repeller
Image taken from funny video below.

Another time I had a pebbled back yard that the cats loved to use as their toilet, and it was near impossible to separate the poo from the pebbles. Lion pee was not going to work this time!

It was time to get electrical. An ultrasonic cat repeller was purchased. I stuck it in the pebbles next to a wall so it would target the whole yard and job done! No more poo. I can’t recommend these enough.

This is a great technique but if you have pets of your own this also annoys them!

More in deapth information and reviews of Ultrasonic cat repellers

Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden With Other Animals.

However fast forward in time, new home new problems. This time I have my own cat so lion spray and the ultrasonic cat repeller would not work, time to get drastic… I got a dog.

OK not perfect because the cats come around when the dog is inside, but when the dog is out it both scares the neighbors cats away and also protects my cat! A win win.

So that leaves visual and water.

Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden With Visual Scarers.How to keep cats out of garden

These are a natural cat deterrent that doesn’t actually scare cats but just makes them feel uncomfortable. They are suitable for use if you have your own pets.

Visual cat scarers are usually homemade and consist of CD mobiles (or any mobile that reflects light) or half fill plastic bottles of water. These supposedly work by reflected shifting light that makes the cats wary and uncomfortable. You may as well try this, as it is a cheap no frills method, unless you object to the look of them in your garden.

Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden With Water Sprayers.

And that leaves water sprays. Automatic cat water deterrent sprays are a very successful way to deter cats from your garden, however they are not suitable if you have your pets of your own as they will be targeted also!

While I am a cat lover I think I would get a perverse sense of satisfaction knowing that trespassing cats are going to get a good soaking. This doesn’t mean you have to stay on guard in your garden with a water hose or water pistol, but instead there are motion sensor remote controlled water sprayers.

Now I’ve not seen any myself in real life or know anyone who has one but if they work as well as we hope I’m sure the cats will stay well clear… plus the garden gets a free watering.

Doing research I came across this great over the top video of a homemade cat sprayer. (Do not watch if you are a cat lover and easily offended)

And learnt the following lessons:

  1. Yes I would get pleasure from spraying cats before they spray / mark my property.
  2. No I can’t make my own
  3. It does work! At the end of the video he said it didn’t work however on a follow up video he did say it worked for a few months and that was after spraying the cats only once!

In conclusion you can keep cats out of your garden, it’s just a matter of finding the best cat deterrent that suits you.

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