How to keep cats out of garden- Using smell

How To keep Cats Out Of Garden – Using Smell

Cat repellers that use smell fall into the following groups:

  • Gel
  • Pellets
  • Powders
  • Sprays
  • Home made spray

Cat repellent Gels

A safe non-toxic way to stop cats using your garden as a toilet. You just squirt this gel around the area you want cats to stay away from and the smell does the rest.

Cat repellent gels do have to be reapplied regularly especially after it has rained.

Depending on which product you use it can leave your garden smelling fresh and smelling of citrus (better than the smell of poo or cat spray!)

It can even stop dogs too!

Cat Repellent Powder

A traditional low tech easy to use and cheap cat repellent. Usually just pepper husks (Who wants a nose full of pepper?) spread around your garden or back yard.

Cat repeller Pellets 

Many years ago I myself had great success in repelling cats from my garden with a gel that was impregnated with concentrated lion Pee, I wanted to highly recommend this product but unfortunately the gel is no longer for sale (probably because it looked like a giant green slug had left a trail all through the garden).

My research shows that you can still buy a repellent with lion urine but it is now in pellet form.

These do work but there have been mixed results from users. However I suspect the best results would come from a generous application of these products and not just a small economic sprinkling (we want to stop cats not save money!).

Cat Repellent Sprays

The easiest application of a cat deterrent product is in the form of a spray.

Not only can the sprays be used to deter cats from your garden but also from spraying and scenting all over your property.

The downside of outdoor cat repellent sprays are that they need to be re-applied after a rain shower to still be effective.

Even though these sprays have been made to deter cats they also seem to work on deer, foxes and squirrels.

Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Spray – Review

Homemade cat repellent

Homemade cat spray
Home made cat spray. Click for Recipe.

Recipes for homemade cat repellent sprays

The cheapest and more natural way to stop cats from your garden is to make your own spray without the use of chemicals that mass produced cat repellents contain.

The main ingredients usually used are a mixture of citrus oils or skin, eucalyptus oil, lavender, various peppers and essential oils.

Find recipes for homemade cat sprays here… If you have your own favorite recipe please let us know about it in the comments.

I will point out now that some of the ingredients may be harmful to the cats, other animals and even children if used in excessive amounts.

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