Get Off My Garden Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Crystals

Get Off My Garden Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Crystals

I have done the research for Get off my Garden cat and dog deterrent and I’ve found out:

  • If it is any good?
  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • How does it do it?
  • Should you use it?

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What Is Get Off My Garden?

Get off my garden is an easy to use outdoor cat and dog repellent… Do not use indoors! One buyer of the product used it indoors and made the room unusable even for humans!

It is a bright green gel that you squirt around areas that you wish to discourage cats and dogs from.

This cat repeller is safe for use on young pets / pests as well as old ones.

It is effective in all weather conditions, however after heavy rainfall you do need to reapply.

What does it do?

Get off my Garden is a smelly green gel that is used for the following 2 main purposes.

  1. Its main use is to discourage cats and dogs from using your garden and lawns as a toilet.
  2. Because it makes cats and dogs uncomfortable to poo or pee around this product it can and is used as toilet training for your pets…Discouraging them from using the wrong areas as a toilet and getting them to use litter trays or easy to clean areas.

How does it do it?

It smells bad! It has a very strong lemon smell which makes cats and dogs uncomfortable so they go find somewhere else to use as a toilet.

Why should you use it?

To rid your garden and lawn from cats and dogs who use it as a toilet.

This is a safe non-irritant gel containing methyl nonyl ketone, which It is found naturally in bananas, cloves, ginger, Strawberries and guava.

As a bonus it also repels foxes!

Is it any good?

Get off my garden has mixed results, it has been a total success for many buyers but for others a total waste of money.

Compared to other cat and dog repellers on the market, this does appear to have a lower than average success rate than many others out there.

A draw back is that you do have to reapply at regular intervals but this is not a permanent task… you only have to stop cats and dogs until their habit is broken and they have moved on.

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Would I buy it… No.

Why? I believe I have found a similar if not identical product Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent with better reviews and results!

The product I recommend is Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Crystals, which has a much higher success rate. Looking at the reviews for this product I think it may works better because of detailed instructions for use or maybe it’s just a better product! Find a full review of Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Crystals here.

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