Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Spray Review

Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Spray Review

I have researched Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Spray and I’ll answer the following questions for you:

  • Is it is any good?
  • What is it?
  • What does it do and how does it do it?
  • Should you use it?

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What Is Get off Repellent Spray?

Get off Repellent spray smells strongly of citrus which animals find uncomfortable to be around, making this spray one of the easiest ways to stop cats and dogs using your garden as a toilet. Just spray around the areas that you wish to discourage cats and dogs from going near.

Users use it both for keeping cats and dogs from fouling their garden and yards but also as an indoor pet trainer.

What does it do?

Cats and dogs find this spray an irritant to their senses so when they come across areas sprayed with Get Off they move on to better fresher areas.

To stop cats and dogs from repeatedly fouling your garden you have to break their toilet habit. This can take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months, but once they are in the habit of using another area they shouldn’t come back to your garden.

How does it do it?

Rosewood Get Off contains Methyl Nonyl Ketone 3.47% (a cat and dog pesticide More info here) and also citrus oils which together cats and dogs find as an irritant. They will avoid this spray and smell if possible.

If you can make cats and dogs use another area for their toilet instead of your lawn they will continue to leave your lawn and flowers alone. This may take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months… All cats and dogs are different!

Why should you use it?

Get your garden back! A very easy to use cat and dog repellent that will rid your garden and lawn from cats and dogs that think it is their toilet. As you can target specific areas with this spray it is suitable for cat and dog owners too.

However a word of warning! Do not use near ornamental ponds, or those containing fish. Do not use on edible crops.

Is it any good?

Get Off Dog and Cat Repellent Spray like all other cat and dog deterrents has mixed results, with some users having excellent results, and unfortunately other users believing it to be a waste of money and a total failure.

The downside to repellent sprays is that it does have to be re-applied periodically and after rain fall

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Would I buy Get off Dog and Cat Repellent Spray ? …Yes and no

Yes for outdoors. The better results have been from users who are trying to stop cats and dogs from using their garden as a toilet.

No for indoors.  For indoor training of pets I would try something different. This product has a strong smell that most people find repulsive (however one user uses it as an air freshener!) also the results from indoor training of pets are very low.

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  1. Hello. Is this Liquid harmful for hilsen (ut you har ut om playgrounds)?

  2. Another treatment, DOG HORN, also makes sounds that are unpleasant to dogs. It is useful in training pets and repelling stray animals when camping, for example. Both vets and trainers recommend it.

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