What is the difference between the Hoont8482 And Hoont Cobra Powerful Outdoor Water Jet Blaster Animal Pest Repeller?

Nothing! There are no visual or additional hidden features between the Hoont8482 and the Hoont Cobra Outdoor Water Jet Blaster. They appear to be the same product they even have the same supplier (Hoont).

So why the large price difference?

It’s not that one is made from a better material or blasts water harder and further but there are differences in the comments from other buyers.

It appears that the Hoont8482 is faulty, too many complaints of the jet not stopping after activation and of leakages in the joint.

When the Hoont8482 war complained and returned (Amazon returns policy is very easy) they were told that there was indeed a faulty batch, but I was unable to ascertain if the fault war rectified.

My recommendation

It is for this reason I would recommend you not buy the Hoont8482 but the cheaper and better Hoont Cobra Outdoor Water Jet Blaster Repeller.

I have previously looked at the Hoont Cobra Outdoor Water Jet Blaster (read my review of this water jet cat repeller here) and while it is not perfect (see my conclusion) it is one of the best ways to keep your yard free from cats and other pests.

BUY the Hoont Cobra Outdoor Water Jet Blaster HERE (at time of writing 47% off)

Here at Stop U pest you can find other ways to keep cats out of your garden. I hope you have found my little post on the Hoont Cobra and the Hoont8482 useful.

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