Cat Repellers. So much info and more to come.

Update on

Thumb image 1Wow so much information and products just to stop cats pooing on your lawn. When I first started this project I imagined that this was a small quick subject, where I would find only 2 or 3 products that keep cats away.

But no! this  is massive… I’ve reviewed over 10 cat repellers and I’m nowhere near finished with this pest problem.

But worse… I’ve taken my eye off the ball and strayed into dog training problems! that on its own is annoying (because I know I can flit from subject to subject without finishing one), but I hadn’t even realized that dogs were pests!

I knew this would be a work in progress but it’s going to turn into a monster and strangely I’m relishing the prospect.

I know I’ve only just started this site but already I’ve learned so much. Unfortunately so far Google hasn’t found my information relevant and not yet ranked any of my pages. I’m loving making this site and I’ll continue for myself… But it would be nice to help other people too.


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