Best Sonic Cat Repeller Reviews

Best Ultrasonic cat ScarerI’ve compiled two lists of Sonic cat repeller one for the USA and one for the UK.

Here at I have been looking at ways to stop those pesky cats from pooping in your garden.

I’ve found that this problem has many varied solutions to keep cats out of your yard, from homemade scented cat repellents to shop bought state of the art cat deterrents.

In this post I’m concentrating on sonic cat repellers as they are among the most successful and easy ways to eradicate your pest problem.

I have found that sonic repellers can be feature rich and expensive but are out performed by simpler but better built sonic cat scarers.

I have compiled a list of sonic cat repellers that I have reviewed on with my most recommended first, then going down the list from best to worst… In fact for the last one I recommend you don’t buy it’s that unreliable!

Sonic cat repeller Reviews USA

This is the best sonic cat repeller that I have reviewed. It is fully adjustable but simple to use and has great results.

The Yard Sentinel is Amazons best seller. It has near identical feature to the 6-in-1 Pest Soldier Sentinel but is has reliability issues and not as many positive cat scaring results on average.

Again another simple but effective sonic cat repeller

The PestAway ultrasonic repeller is a fully loaded model with flashing lights and simpler to use functions. However you are not able to target just cats with this but it will scare all wildlife from your garden.

I’ve left this in as a sample of what is a bad buy. This while looking good on paper has many reliability problems and bad reviews from other buyers.

Sonic Cat Repeller Reviews UK

Americas best-selling ultrasonic repeller now over here

Cheaper and better than Amazons best-selling PestBye

Number 3 in the USA list but it is very good and in the UK it is extremely cheap… And now with 50% off (at the time of writing) it’s Amazons best buy as well.

A good easy to use sonic repeller with the option to connect to the mains for power.

Are sonic cat repellers any good?

Sonic cat repellerNo cat repeller is 100% efficient! You are targeting animals with personalities ranging from the timid to the belligerent, the old and young, the deaf and blind.

Good newsUltrasonic cat repellers do have a very good success rate. Even though sonic cat repellers are advertised as cat scarers, this is not what will keep cats away from your garden. We have to make it very uncomfortable for cats to do their business in your flowerbeds and on the paths.

Cats like peace and quiet and the sonic repeller will not allow that! But that’s still not the whole story, you have to train the cat that your garden is not a tranquil litter box but this may take time.

Some cats learn very quickly before they move on and find somewhere new. however for some cats it can take months even up to 3! So be patient and don’t expect instant results.

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