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Hi welcome to my review. Today I’m going to tell you about the Bark Stop. This remote-controlled unit is based on the best seller Yard Sentinel and is a neat little all-rounder, with it you can repel pests, stop dogs barking and it will even detect intruders acting as a burglar alarm.

I’ll be running through the features, finding the good points and the bad, then I’ll find the most relevant points from customer reviews and I’ll search the web to get you the best price.

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The only ultrasonic bark control device equipped with remote control. This is the perfect trainer if you have a problem with a barking dog!

Features of the dog silencer / trainer

  • Handheld remote with training button.
  • Bark recognition technology
  • Adjustable barking sensor
  • Green light barking sensor
  • Features of the ultrasonic pest repellent
  • Up To 5,000 sq. ft. of coverage range
  • Inaudible High Pressure Ultrasonic Sound Wave
  • Adjustable PIR Infrared Motion Sensor with Night Time Scanner
  • Red light motion sensor
  • Frequency dial for a specific pest
  • Switchable ultrasonic mode: Motion Sensor / Constant / Continue Sweep
  • AC or battery-powered
  • Sensor sensitivity dial
  • Easy mount with keyhole slots
  • Maintenance free
  • Weather proof
  • Works great against Rodents, Sea Rodents, Seagulls, Insects, Rats, Mouse, Birds, Bears, Deer, Dogs, Cats, Raccoon, Ducks, Geese, Squirrels, Skunks, Foxes…

Even more features of the Bark Stop Pro

  • Intruder Alarm
  • Alarm volume dial
  • 3 Time Selections – All the time, day or night
  • Easy install and offers great pest protection for almost everywhere.
  • Humane, No Toxic Chemicals.
  • 30 day money back if not 100% satisfied & 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Main review

Let’s start with the features that stop dogs from barking. Firstly how does it work?

When dog barking triggers the device an inaudible (to humans) High Pressure Ultrasonic Sound Wave is blasted at the offending dog. This noise is an irritant to the dog, which will eventually learn that it’s barking triggers the sound and it should stop barking to avoid the ultrasonic sound. The manufacturer say this should happen within 2 weeks, however some customer reviews say that their dogs stopped barking immediately.

So to the remote control unit

I was unable to find out what 3 of the buttons do, however all the reviews I found of the unit raved about the training button. Pressing this button gives an immediate ultrasonic blast of sound which can be used to train dogs to stop barking but also as a training device to stop dogs from bad behaviour e.g. jumping up at people or on the furniture.

Update… I’ve researched this remote control and found what the buttons do.

Button 1

Standby. This turns the whole unit on or off. If you go out in the yard for gardening or a party you can turn it off remotely so it’s not being activated all the time. When you have finished you can press the button again to turn it off. This saves having to unplug it or removing the batteries.

Button 2

Ultrasonic button. This puts the ultrasonic blaster on standby. If you want to put your own pet out in the yard this will stop it being targeted and blasted by the bark stop unit. Press again to turn it back on.

Button 3

Strobe button. Pressing this puts the strobe light into standby… Press again to turn the strobe light back on.

Button 4

The big red button muhahaha. Pressing the “power” button sets every thing off for 30 seconds… Depending which mode you are in it will set off an Ultrasonic blast, strobe light or audible sonic alarm. After 30 seconds it resets ready for another blast. Most people find this button the most helpful in all aspects of stopping dogs barking to scaring pests from their yard.

Bark recognition technology

This unit can differentiate between barking and other loud noises which is helpful when you only want to train the dog only when they bark and not when traffic passes by.

Adjustable barking sensor

With the sensor being adjustable you can target just the one closest barking dog and not one in the distance.

Green light barking sensor

Because the sound given off is inaudible to the human ear it is handy to see if the Bark Stop is working, especially if you are adjusting the sensor and want to know if your target dog is in range.

Using the Bark stop as a pest repellent

If you want to scare pests away from your yard or garden then this unit is great. With a larger and therefore louder speaker than the majority of ultrasonic repellers you can keep an area of up to 5000 square ft. pest free.

The unit has an infra-red heat detector built-in which detects moving pests then blasts them with an ultrasonic sound wave which either scares the pest away or irritates it making it move on to quieter areas.

If you know which pest you are wanting to repel the unit has adjustable frequency settings that are known to upset that animal. However there is another setting which will continuously sweep the full range of settings so at some point your pest will be affected. Some reviews I have found suggest this is more effective than a targeted frequency.

It can also be a burglar alarm

When set to alarm, the Bark Stop will use its infra-red heat motion sensor to detect movement and when triggered it will give off a laud audible sound (the volume can be adjusted)

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I hope you have found my review helpful, check out the customer opinions below or you can click to buy here. I recommend you purchase from Amazon USA or Amazon Canada for best prices (39% off at time of writing) and prompt delivery, stop your dog barking sooner.

Customer opinion

There are mixed reviews on the effectiveness of the Bark Stop Pro to stop dogs barking. Most people are amazed and very pleased with the results however some people say the unit is useless. I know and believe all dogs are different, some respond very well to the training but others are belligerent or just plain mental and ignore the ultrasonic sound altogether.

Another point that was noted was the back cover was very fiddly to fit and this may have led to the unit not being weather proof… Be careful on replacement of this cover.

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