StopUpest.com is here to help people who don’t want or can’t afford professional help to stop or identify their pest problem. Indeed a lot of the time this can be quicker and with better results if you just do it yourself.

The aim of this site is to help you make informed decisions about your pests and the best way to eradicate your problem.

About Me

pest problemsHi my name is Phill. I’m a 52 year old father of 5 and soon to remarry for the 2nd time. Woo Hoo

Born in England and currently live in the heart of the Pennines. I’ve had a great life and now it’s time to give something back to the community.

This StopUpest blog site is a work in progress. I love to do research and I find the internet annoying as all the information I want is scattered all over the place and quite often wrong or outdated. With this site I hope to remedy this.

Over the years I myself have had many problems with pests and I’ve been frustrated but fascinated with the answers I found. I have discovered that I like and enjoy doing research on these amazing subjects. More than that I get great satisfaction sharing the research with everyone else.

If I could help one person that would be great, but with my StopUpest site I hope to help many.



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